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Microsoft Office Groove 2007 folder sync not supported for Vista x64

"Groove" is an offering from Microsoft to enable teams to collaborate by sharing documents and other items between colleagues within a company and customers/partners outside of the company. It provides a ‘workspace’ in which files can be shared. In a simpler mode, one can choose a folder in Windows Explorer and select to share it through Groove.

When using a workspace, there is some integration with SharePoint in that documents can be checked in and out of an accompanying document library, but SharePoint is not a requirement for Groove. Documents are available offline, unlike just using SharePoint, and synchronized when on line.

Anyway, the point of this post was just to highlight to people that if, like me, you went to the trouble of installing the 64 bit version of Vista, the folder synchronisation tool does not work. This feature, arguably the feature that gives the product a purpose in life, does not work for 64 bit OS’s. I hope this gets rectified soon.

In the mean time I am back to using "FolderShare" for, well, sharing folders. It seems to just work, no matter whether it’s Vista x64 or 32 bit Win XP. Microsoft own this tool too!


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