British Airways’ Token Gesture

You may recall the issues Julie and I had with BA losing our bags on our trip to Oslo over New Year’s Eve. The bags turned up 13 days after we left them with BA, with one of the two traveling back via Oslo and Milan. I complained to BA and detailed the cost of clothes and toiletries we’d had to buy out there. For the two of us it came to about £200. Obviously it’s great to have new clothes, but they were surplus to requirements and we would not have spent that money if we’d had our bags with us.

BA wrote back this week and informed us although they could not offer us compenstation there would be a cheque for £36.22 in the post. I’m left somewhat bemused. It’s a pretty specific figure that has no relation to our actual costs, that I can see.

So, do I write back? A BA employee at the airport said we’d get money back for everything we had to buy, but we didn’t get that in writing and I didn’t get her name. I can’t decide if it’s worth the effort.

(Update 20/3)

I wrote back and now they’re asking me to resend the receipts. They "hope I’ll travel with BA again". That depends on what they say in their next response!

(Update 25/5)

Last weekend we received a cheque for the remaining amount. So the lesson learned is never give up! The effort involved amounted to three letters, which is not much for almost £200 of compensation. Now I’m happy.


3 replies on “British Airways’ Token Gesture”

 I agree it is a very stange amount that BA is offering.   It would be very interesting to know how they arrived at this amount. If I were in your position I would most certainly reply and try to get a more realistic amount from them.  Another thought we have had is – would your travel insurance cover the unexpected cost you incurred?  I shall be on the look out for further updates on the situation.  

Hopefully BA asking you to resend the receipts means that they are now going to pay you the full amount.  I shall be looking out for a further update.

I did not realise that one had to look back at previous blogs for updates.  I had seen your one about the taps and did not look any further, even though I had been wondering if you had heard any more from BA.  I am very pleased that they finally compensated you. Well done for not giving up!!

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