Love Clean Streets

I hate seeing (bad) graffiti or fly tipping anywhere, but especially around our own neighbourhood. I keep thinking I should get the council to do something about it with all that council tax I pay, but it has always seemed a bit too much of a hassle to get around to doing it.

Now there’s an easy way to let councils know, and that’s via an organisation called “Love Clean Streets”. They provide an iPhone app and a Windows Marketplace app of the same name. The app will prompt you to take a picture and enter some brief text about the issue. It will then tag it with your account (Twitter/Facebook/Windows Live/etc.) and the GPS co-ordinates from your phone.

The result is a public online database of environmental issues filed by local authority and ward. Some councils have signed up to provide updates on issues and let the site know when they have been rectified. Those councils that don’t currently do so, like mine (Merton), may soon bow to pressure once the database builds up.


One reply on “Love Clean Streets”

Thank goodness this is also available on Windows Marketplace. Without Win phone coverage the database would likely remain empty for some time.

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