Oslo for New Year’s Eve

I spent the last few days of 2006 in Oslo with a group of friends from London. For New Year’s Eve itself we went to the restaurant on the 37th floor of the Radisson Plaza Hotel. Despite fog and low cloud earlier in the day the view from the hotel at night was clear and stretched on for miles. We had a very good quality 7 course meal (with extra helpings of some courses thanks to a friendly and very accomodating waiter) and champagne-toasted the new year in. In Oslo at midnight fireworks are let off in so many back gardens and city parks and squares that they blanket the sky. Many were set off within metres of the hotel, and at our elevation we were afforded an eye level view of rockets exploding.
Julie and I could have done without Heathrow’s baggage handling mess, though. We had to get by on the contents of Julie’s handbag and our credit cards for the entire trip! We’ve been back two days and still have no idea when we can get the bags back. I’m glad it eventually made the news. Baggage handling staff claimed that ‘little managers’ had tried to ‘cover up’ the mess from ‘big managers’.
In all the trip was well worth it. I got to meet up with an old friend, Morten, and share his home made waffles and strawberry jam at his house. We took in some of the sights and many of the beers and wines and saw in the new year in style.
[Edit] We eventually received the bags back, 13 days after the outbound flight. Now it’s time for the hassle of claiming compensation… 

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