History Talking

Welcome to my blog!

I’d like to kick off by pointing out my less than impressive design skills in the implementation of my girlfriend Julie’s website for her company, History Talking: http://www.historytalking.co.uk

Any suggestions for how to get Google to index this will be greatly welcomed! Also, if anybody can offer their help in producing a logo for History Talking we’d both be most appreciated.

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3 Responses to History Talking

  1. Matthew says:

    First post!What do I get?

  2. Joshua says:

    A prize for being the only one reading it! Any ideas on that Google thing, Matt?

  3. Unknown says:

    Well – Google will index this site if more people link to it. For detail on how the Google page-ranking algorithm works look at http://www.iprcom.com/papers/pagerank/. The condensed version: get as many people to link to your site as possible. As for the image – no can do – I am a committed ungraphical artist…CheersStef

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