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New UK Electricity Pylons?

This video on new pylon designs misses the option of putting the cables underground (or underwater) instead. This would have a higher up front cost but lead to much better looking countryside and probably lower total cost of ownership. The lower total … Continue reading

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A SPDY end to web site content sharding?

With the advent of Google’s SPDY improvements to the HTTP protocol, could we see an end in sight to the practice of sharding content on web sites? In the news today (from The Register) Google report a 15% increase in … Continue reading

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EU Cookies Directive & eCommerce Analytics

Article 66 of this set of directives,, from the Official Journal of the European Union states that: “Third parties may wish to store information on the equipment  of a user, or gain  access to information  already stored, for a … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 6 – Dying Days?

IE 6 was once the most popular browser on the market. This despite its lack of adherence to standards and its poor rendering performance. These days it’s on the way out, and no-one in IT is mourning it. The graph … Continue reading

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ASP.NET HTTP 400 Bad Request Exception

Someone on my project pointed me at this useful article from Alois Kraus about the 400 “Bad Request” exception coming from ASP.NET. In particular, it cleared up the way that length checking is performed on a URL in an incoming … Continue reading

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Setting up a keyboard shortcut for View History in Visual Studio using TFS

Note – this post refers to and is tested with Visual Studio Team System 2008. If you’re using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, you’ll probably be viewing the history of files in your solution fairly regularly. Unfortunately there’s no … Continue reading

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Love Clean Streets – The Result

I posted recently about and the mobile phone app of the same name. I wasn’t sure that Merton Council were going to act on anything I’d reported, but I’m happy to say that they’ve sorted out all the graffiti … Continue reading

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Love Clean Streets

I hate seeing (bad) graffiti or fly tipping anywhere, but especially around our own neighbourhood. I keep thinking I should get the council to do something about it with all that council tax I pay, but it has always seemed … Continue reading

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Solid State Hard Drives

Over the years I’ve built up a few PCs by researching and buying components then stitching them all together. I always strived for the highest performing computer I could buy without breaking the bank. Recently I discovered that the single … Continue reading

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Arthur Bond

By popular request, here are a couple of pictures of Arthur, for a change! It’s been six weeks since the operation on his upper lip, and it’s healing well. You can still see the scars, and they could be there … Continue reading

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