Arthur Update

A quick update on Arthur. He’s been home now for just over a week and isn’t requiring a tube to feed, which is good news. He’s gaining weight as expected. We’re now dealing with the normal new born parents’ problem of trying to get enough sleep!
We have an appointment on Monday with the team of people who will be performing lip and palate surgery, orthodontal work, speech and language therapy and hearing corrections. They’ll lay out the timetable for the work on him and we’ll ask questions. I’m going to try and record the meeting on my phone, as the first thing that disappears with sleep deprivation is memory!
After the meeting it’s back to work for me after three weeks off. I’ll leave you with a picture of him in his Moses basket at home, eyes open and no feeding tube in sight.
By the way, thanks everyone for the cards, calls and presents. It means a lot. Thank you cards will be on their way out just as soon as we can teach him to write.

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