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US and Iran: Trying to find excuses to fight?

Look at this article in The Register. It gives a perfectly plausible explanation for the alleged Iranian threats to the US navy in the Gulf. If the US were not trying to drum up public opinion against Iran, leading most probably to another conflict, then surely they would not have gone to the press with an accusation that stands on such wobbly pillars of evidence.



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ProClarity Analytics Server “Migrate Repository” Hangs

ProClarity Analytics Server (PAS) is a web site providing storage of OLAP ‘report’ definitions and caching of the resulting reports. The ‘reports’ are organised by a hierarchy of libraries, briefing books and views. The metadata for all of this is stored in a database.

In order to copy these libraries, books and views between servers, ProClarity/Microsoft provide a feature in a tool called PAS Administration. There is a "Migrate Repository" button that leads to a wizard where a source and target database are specified. On the last page of this wizard is a "Migrate" button to begin the work.

Typically the migration should take under a minute. However, after performing the migration many times we were finding the migration took longer and longer – up to six hours in the end!

My colleague Dan Meacham ran profiler to check what it was up to. It turns out there’s a table called SecurityTimeStamp against which it issues a "Select *…". I’m not sure what causes insertions into this table, but on the various PAS servers we checked there were between 70,000 and 1,200,000 rows in this table!

A swift "TRUNCATE TABLE SecurityTimeStamp" on the source database brings the migration time back down to a few seconds again.

We’re using version 6.2. Version 6.3 exists and may fix the issue without resorting to dodgy database hacks. Nevertheless, I hope this saves other people a bit of time.


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Useless PowerPoint discovery of the day…

PowerPoint prints hidden slides by default.

Tell me, why am I preparing training material? Not quite in the job description of a developer…

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