Carbon emissions offsets for flights

This morning I was alerted by a newsletter of an organisation I’ve been meaning to look up for a while. They are called "Climate Care" ( and they allow you to calculate the impact your activities have on carbon emissions into the environment. They also identify and fund environmental projects in developing countries to offset these emissions.
Of particular interest to me are the calculators on the site for offsetting flight emissions. Having just been on honeymoon in South East Asia I have been feeling guilty about the effect on the environment of our travel (but not so guilty as to have arranged our honeymoon in Bognor Regis instead). They didn’t have all the flights on there, but as a rought estimate it turns out I had the following impact:
Your Carbon Profile Tonnes CO2 Value
1 Flight (Quatar) 2.89 £ 21.70
2 Flight (Bangkok) 2.90 £ 21.79
3 Flight (Vietnam) 0.46 £ 3.49
The Bangkok to Vietnam leg actually included stopping in Cambodia but Siem Reap airport wasn’t listed. Likewise, Koh Samui airport wasn’t listed so that’s missed off entirely.
A word of warning: Climate Care is not a charity. It is a company who "pay a fixed royalty of 10% of annual turnover to Climate Care Ltd – a separate company that has provided the Trust with financial and management resources over the years" (taken from here).
It’s a shame this isn’t a tax efficient mechanism (e.g. Gift Aid for charities) for offsetting carbon costs. I’ll do some more research before going with this organisation and let you know what I find.
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Vista: Windows Experience Index

Just a short note to let you know my PC scored a "Windows Experience Index" of 5.2 in Windows Vista. This is quite a good score, apparently. In order to determine the score, Vista gives the computer a thorough workout in all its extermities and scores each component in turn (graphics card, memory, CPU, hard disk). The final mark is some kind of combination of these scores, giving a value between 1 and 5.9 (currently).
All in all this means I can be confident that writing emails will be really, really fast.
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Vista: Windows Easy Transfer

I installed Vista a couple of days ago (64 bit version). I’m intending it to become by primary development machine and file server at home . So I kicked off the Windows Easy Transfer wizard to copy all my files and accounts from my old Windows XP box. I decided to do it over the network, which is, unfortunately, a 10Mbps wireless connection. I left it going for 10 hours and the progress bar looked roughly 10% completed. Doing the maths, that totals four days of file transfers. Good job I’ve got my laptop around to muck about on in the mean time.
1) Pay careful attention to what the transfer wizard is proposing to copy across. Year old virtual machines running some beta of Longhorn are probably not essential any more.
2) Don’t use a dog slow connection. The tool offers many transfer mechanisms including CD/DVD, removable harddrive, easy transfer cable (i.e. crossover USB cable).
I’m keen to know if I can interrupt the transfer, knock a few files off the list and then resume, without having to redo the files its already copied over. I’m also worried that stopping the transfer mid flow (in order to opt for a lower tech solution like Robocopy) might leave a jagged and inconsistent set of files on the new box.
So maybe I’ll wait four days…
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Flash Earth

If you’ve tried out Google Earth or any of the sattelite maps the various search engine provides, then you might like to have a look at
It allows you to select the source for the images. Zoom in to your own neighbourhood then flick from Google to MSN to Yahoo (and others) to see which one is the most up to date. (Google by about 3 years, for me!)