Julie and I got engaged last Friday on a trip to Rome, in the Piazza Navona.   The event occurred to the accompaniment of a bottle of Chianti Classico and some busking guitar players.

All in all it was a great holiday. It also included being present at the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI, along with 399,998 other people. More or less.

News and politics

Who will you vote for?

Have a look at I came out pretty heavily in favour of Lib Dems (which is good, as that’s how I was going to vote anyway), plus a smidgen of Green Party. Oh, and a rather worrying 5% bent towards UKIP. Shudder.


History Talking

Welcome to my blog!

I’d like to kick off by pointing out my less than impressive design skills in the implementation of my girlfriend Julie’s website for her company, History Talking:

Any suggestions for how to get Google to index this will be greatly welcomed! Also, if anybody can offer their help in producing a logo for History Talking we’d both be most appreciated.